What is the cost of tuition and uniforms?
School fees are not discussed through emails. To fully understand our unique program prospective students are encouraged to visit the school and watch a class. At that time Sifu Giatrakis will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding tuition and procedures at the school.
Does the White Lions of Shaolin have contracts?
Would you allow me to observe or participate in a class before I decide to study there?
Yes, but please call first to set up an appointment and a time to visit the school.
Are there discounted rates for more than one family member enrolling?
Yes. Each additional family member lowers the cost of tuition.
What is the enrollment age for children?
Children need to be at least 5 years of age to enroll.
Is there a special rate for taking both Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi Chuan programs?
Yes, there is a discounted rate for taking both systems.
How many classes do I get for the cost of tuition?
We offer unlimited classes so students can take as many classes as they desire. This allows students to set their own schedules.
What is the size of your training facility?
Our facility has approximately 4,000 square feet with two large training rooms plus a separate room for the wall bag and wooden dummy training. The men’s and woman’s locker rooms are very spacious each with around 234 square feet.
Are you still teaching Silvio Azzolini’s system? If no, why not?
With all due respect to my previous teacher I am no longer teaching his system. While he did train for nearly 9 years in the Korean martial arts his Chinese Kung Fu was limited to only 2 ½ years in Taiwan. The principles of his system were Tae Kwon Do mixed with Kung Fu forms and because of his limited time in Taiwan his program was very small consisting of about 10 to 12 traditional forms. Many traditional Kung Fu forms that were missing such as the Five Animal Dragon, 3 sectional staff, spear etc. were either choreographed or taken from books and videos. There were no traditional weapon vs weapon forms. Sparring was Tae Kwon Do point sparring and all two man drills were based on “one step matches” which is a traditional Tae Kwon Do concept. With the exception of stances no Chinese terms were used to describe any of the techniques.
Does tuition include the stretch classes and the technique classes along with the Kung Fu group classes?
Yes, the stretch and technique classes are included in the monthly tuition. Tai Chi students may also join on any day and participate in the stretch classes.
Does your school teach the mental and philosophical aspects as well as the physical?
Yes, training at the White Lions of Shaolin includes an equal balance between mental and physical training.
The schedule says “Adult Kung Fu” but which classes are for beginners?
All of them. The beginner and intermediate students are taught together in “Room One” while advanced students are taught at the same time in “Room Two”.

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