Class Schedule

At White Lions of Shaolin, we have classes available for students Monday – Saturday. 

Saturday Kungfu Class Schedule

11:00AM: Wing Chun Class

12:00PM: Tai Chi Class

1:00PM: Choy Li Fut Class 

Weekly classes will be announced soon! Thank you!

Class Structure

Stretch Class

Before every group class is a 30-minute structured Stretch Class that gives the students the opportunity to warm up in a class environment and to work on building greater flexibility.

Group Class

Immediately following the Stretch Class in an hour-long Group Class where students practice the techniques they have already learned with an emphasis on improving endurance and strength.

Technique Class

After Group class, we offer a structured Technique Class. In the Technique Class, students are taught new forms, this is a group environment where you are able to learn with other students the same level that you are.