Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese Martial Art,  well known for its superior health benefits and high level of effectiveness in combat. Its forms are performed in a slow and relaxed manner, which calms the mind and releases the mental and physical tensions of our modern stressful lifestyle. 

As a martial art, Tai Chi Chuan uses the theory of “four ounces of strength against a ton of force,” repelling the opponent without resorting to force against force.


Internal Energy

The White Lions of Shaolin teaches the complete Yang style Tai Chi system, one of the most widely practiced forms of martial arts in the world. Famous for its graceful and gently flowing movements, Tai Chi emphasizes calming the mind and releasing mental and physical tension. A few minutes a day spent performing Tai Chi will help prevent stress-induced illnesses like high blood pressure, digestive problems, and heart disease. Through regular practice, Tai Chi Chuan also improves balance, flexibility, coordination, leg strength and self-defense ability.

Learn From The Founder

The Tai Chi system at the White Lions of Shaolin traces its lineage directly to founder of Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Lu-Chan. His grandson Yang Cheng Fu, who was considered the most influential Tai Chi teacher of his time, taught Great Grandmaster Hu Yuen Chou, who in turn taught Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, head of the Plum Blossom International Federation.

Complete System

Students of the White Lions of Shaolin do not just learn a single form but a complete Tai Chi system including hand and weapon forms, Chi Kung and Push Hands. Students learn how to meditate and do the movements correctly while also learning the self-defense aspects of the art as the original founders of Tai Chi Chuan intended.