Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts system that specializes in close range combat.

Its techniques emphasize practicality and efficiency by using deflection and counter-attack in the same motion rather than blocking then attacking in two separate motions. Wing Chun believes in using the least amount of required force in any fighting situation.


Why Wing Chun?

There are many characteristics of Wing Chun which make it one of the most effective martial arts in the world. Some of these include:

  • ¬†Simultaneous blocking and striking
  • Equally effective for women as it is for men because it does not rely on strength.
  • Uses special ‘touch reflexes’ which allow you to react many times faster than your opponent
  • A devastating striking technique which allows you to strike up to 9 strikes per second (A Wing Chun practitioner holds the world record for the most punches in one second)
  • Utilizes punching, kicking, grappling, ground fighting, and weapons
  • Uses pressure points (and Iron Palm hand and body conditioning) to make strikes even more effective
  • Utilizes many strategies to give you the advantage over your opponent irrespective of their size or strength


Wing Chun is a close-quarter system that can be used even when assaulted in a confined space like a cramped hallway, stairwell or elevator. It is primarily an empty-hands system, allowing someone to defend themselves even when unarmed. It is based on reflexive movements, training you to respond instantly and instinctively to a surprise attack as opposed to a consensual fight or sport combat match.


While many systems of martial arts require a decade or more to learn, Wing Chun was designed to be learned in the shortest time possible. With regular, consistent practice you can learn the entire core system in about two years. Mastery of the system, of course, takes a lifetime. In general, Wing Chun is simple, direct and efficient, eliminating techniques that are not needed so much in the modern world, such as high-kicking an enemy off his horse.


Wing Chun can be practiced by people of all ages, sizes, shapes and degrees of physical ability. It is equally applicable to both men and women, although there is a trend for women to make progress much faster. Wing Chun uses structure rather than strength and timing rather than speed. It is also based on natural human anatomy rather than mimicking the movements of animals, so it does not require extraordinary flexibility or athleticism.